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Exam - Research Mode Programme

A Guide to the Preparation, Submission and Examination of Thesis

  • IPS has published a guide which is designed to assist students to prepare their theses available at IPS website (www.ips.usm.my). The guide sets out the requirements for the format.
  • This guide is to facilitate the processes involved in the submission of the thesis

Notice of Thesis Submission

  • A Masters or PhD student is required to submit the form Notice of Thesis Submission, at least three (3) months prior to submitting ten draft copies of the thesis. At this point, payment of the Thesis Examination Fee must be made at the Bursary. A copy of the receipt of payment should be submitted to IPS together with the draft copies of thesis.
  • A student’s status must be active in order to submit this notice.
  • A student has to submit the draft copies of the thesis after three (3) months from the date Notice of Thesis Submission.

Submission of Draft Copies of The Thesis

The submission of a thesis must be made during the period of candidature after a student has fulfilled the minimum period of candidature.

  • IPS will not accept any thesis that has not been written in accordance with the prescribed format.
  • A student has to ensure, when submitting the draft copies of the thesis to IPS, the form Submission of Draft Copies of Thesis has been completed properly, i.e. the title of the thesis and its translated version written clearly, and that the main supervisor and the respective Dean/Director of the School/Centre for verification and confirmation have endorsed it.
  • Should there be any changes to the title of the draft copies of the soft bound thesis, i.e. the title is different from the original title in the Notice of Thesis Submission form, the candidate has to obtain a written confirmation from the main supervisor and approval from the respective Dean/Director of the School/Centre before the thesis can be submitted to IPS.

Submission of Final Copies of The Thesis

  • Once the necessary corrections have been made and incorporated into the thesis, a student is required to complete the Submission of Final Copies of Thesis form, and obtain the signature of the Main Supervisor and respective Dean/Director of the School/Centre/Unit. The final content of the thesis is to be produced on a CD. Ensure that documentation of the thesis is spelt out clearly on the CD label. The CD can then be submitted to School and IPS together with the (2) hard bound copies of the thesis.
  • If the Main Supervisor/Co-Supervisor or the Internal Examiner is the Dean/Director of the School/Centre where the student is registered, the endorsement and approval of form, will be officially stamped by the Dean of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies.

The viva voce (oral examination)

  • The viva or oral defense will be scheduled by IPS as soon as all reports from the External and Internal Examiners have been received.
  • At the viva, the student will appear before a Panel of Examiners consisting of the following: External Examiner (if applicable), Dean/Director of the School/Centre/Unit, Internal Examiners, Supervisors, and Secretary.
  • Should there be any changes to the address or contact information, the student must immediately inform IPS so that the invitation to attend the viva can be forwarded urgently and correctly.
  • Should a student need any audio-visual equipment (e.g. Laptop or LCD) for presentation during the viva, prior request in writing should be made to IPS.
  • After the viva, a student must obtain the information/comments and report for making the necessary corrections and improvements to the thesis as directed by the Thesis Examination Panel. This can be obtained directly from the Secretary of the Panel of Examiners at IPS.
  • A student will be given a specific period to correct and complete the thesis for the submission of the final hard bound copies. He/she is advised to meet the main supervisor for this purpose. Please take noted the duration for corrections/modifications of the thesis will be given after the viva voce.
  • A student who needs extra time than the period allocated for corrections can appeal to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International Affairs).
  • In any case, if a student is required by the Panel of Examiners to re-submit the thesis for re-examination, he/she must complete Re-submission of Thesis form, and endorsed by the Main Supervisor and the respective Dean/Director of the School/Centre/Unit. This document is then submitted together with the draft soft bound copies of the thesis to IPS.

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