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USM Graduate Assistant Scheme

USM Graduate Assistant Scheme

The Graduate Assistant Scheme was introduced to enable postgraduates to enhance their skills by assisting in various events and activities in their respective Schools/CoEs.

Financial Assistance

With the exception of semester breaks, the Scheme supports the recipients with monthly allowance.

 Degree/Amount  Master  PhD
 Per Month  RM900.00  RM1,100.00

The cost of fees imposed, as tuition and examination fees, traveling, personal bonds, health insurance, visa arrangement, are not included and are borne by candidate themselves. Applicants are encouraged to obtain fundings from other sources to fund the unsupported items.

Eligibility to Apply

  • Applicable for non-registered students (who have been offered full-time candidature status) or students in their first 2 semesters of their candidature.
  • Students with financial assistance are not eligible to apply. (e.g; F/IDB/RLKA/ASTS/OTHERS)


  • Applicants pursuing Masters degree :

1) Bachelor's Degree with a CGPA>3.00 or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government.

2) Preferences are given to those who had sent/accepted/published in ISI/SCOPUS/ERA journals.

3) Eligible only for FULL-TIME research mode students.

  • Applicants pursuing Doctoral degree :

1) Master’s Degree by coursework/mixed mode with CGPA>3.25 or Master’s Degree by research mode or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government.

2) At least has one journal published in ISI/SCOPUS/ERA.

3) Eligible only for FULL-TIME research mode students.


  • Download the application form from Click here to download application form
  • Provide certified academic transcripts, copies of published articles, CV, research proposal and proof of outstanding achievement in extra-curicular activities.
  • Do not submit any certificate of attendance to workshops/seminars/conferences.

Click here to read Application Guideline
Click her to download Application Form

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