Standard Operating Procedure
1:Online Submission Via Email
• exam_ips@usm.my
• USM Official Email ONLY (student@student.usm.my)
Email Template
• Matric Number
• IC / Passport Number
• Full Name
• Topic/Title of Items to be Scanned

2: Service Level     Agreement
• Notification of acceptance
• To perform scanning
• To print reports with results
• 5 working days

3: Return of Report Via Email
• From exam_ips@usm.my
• To USM Official Email ONLY (student@student.usm.my)
Email Template
• Reply with attachment including report on 6th working day

4: Correction of Writing Next step
• Perform correction/improvement of your writing based on the report
• Resubmit to IPS for next checking until satisfactory (optional)
10 Copies Draft Theses Submission
• Encouraged to submit together with final (best) report with 10 Copies Form and Theses


1. Do I have to come to IPS personally to submit my documents?
No human interaction required

2. Do I have to come to IPS to collect the reports?
No. It will be delivered to your email directly on the 6th working day or earlier

3. What will I do with the reports?
To improve on your writing by checking on possibility of direct copy of texts

4. Is it compulsory to use this software for all our writing?
No. At this stage we are encouraging all postgraduate students to use this service to improve their writing of theses for it’s trial run and eventually it will be required to submit the report"

5. Will there be any charges for using this service?
No. At the moment IPS is providing this service for free.

6. Is there a limit on sending documents for each student?
No. You can send in as many times as you like, and the SLA will be the same

7. If I submit for the second time and so on, do I have to follow the same Template?

8. If I submit for the second time and so on, do I still have to wait for 5 days?
Yes. The same SLA will follow. However, it might be earlier depending on availability or less detection after corrections/amendments

9. Is this tool/service provided for theses checking only?
No. You can send in for any writing or working paper and assignments i.e. Journals, Papers to be published

10. What are the format of files/documents to be sent?
All text edit formats i.e. doc, pdf, rtf and etc.